Calvados 10 years

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Calvados 10 ans has aged 10 years in oak barrels, with 25% of new oak.
Available in 35cl, 70cl & 150cl bottles and 70cl carafe.

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Calvados 10 years - A.O.C. Calvados du Pays d'Auge

Calvados 10 ans has aged 10 years in oak barrels, with 25% of new oak.

Terroir: Clay and Oxfordian marl soil.
85% of bittersweet apples
15% of acid apples
Harvesting: from September to November
Alcohol content: 42 % vol.

Techniques used:
The apples are mixed, crushed and pressed. The apple juice is fermented right out to give cider to be distilled. Double distillation is carried out 1 month after the fermentation has taken place. The first distillation gives the "petite eau" at 30% by volume and it is the second distillation, that of the "petite eau" which gives the Calvados.
Aging: Ten years minimum. In toasted 400 l (88 imperial gallon) oak barrels, 25% of which are new. Bottled when ordered.

Tasting Notes:
Eyes: Gold colour, limpid shiny aspect, gold disc, golden reflection.
Nose: Intense, baked apple, floral and aniseed note.
Mouth: Fresh attack, beautiful finesse followed by a sweet aromatic expression, aroma of silky apples, slightly minty and spicy finish.

Suggestions:   (read also: Tasting Calvados >>)
- Storage: very long, bottles upright without special precautions.
- As an Aperitif: on its own, or possibly over ice.
- As a Digestive: perfect for enthusiasts of fine eaux-de-vie, dark chocolate and cigars.

>> Read the Calvados 10 ans data sheet ...

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